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Saves Time

TranscriptWizard™ converts an electronic transcript directly into a searchable PDF in less time than it takes to read this paragraph. No more spending time manually scanning the transcript.

Saves Space

The resulting PDF file is a fraction of the size of a scanned transcript file. This not only saves precious hard drive space but is important if the transcript needs to be emailed or electronically submitted.

i.e. Our sample transcript is 77 pages of 25 lines per page. The scanned Mini used from 4.5MB to 1.24MB depending on the scanner and software. The TranscriptWizard™ PDF uses only 726KB. That's a 43% to 84% reduction in file size. The scanned versions are not text searchable and frankly, don't look as clear or sharp.

Hyperlinked Word Index

TranscriptWizard™ creates a Hyperlinked index that appears in the bookmark section of the PDF display. This allows you to scroll through the index without leaving the page you are viewing.

Key-Word-in-Context index

When viewing a TranscriptWizard™ generated PDF in Adobe Reader, clicking on the Word Index hyperlink will open the Search sidebar and show you each and every reference of the selected word in its context in the transcript. Key-Word-In-Context. It lets you quickly decide which reference you are looking for without wasting time having to click on each one.

Outputs PDF in Standard as well as Condensed formats

In addition to the standard format, TranscriptWizard™ can condense a transcript into 2, 3, 4(Mini) or 6 pages/sheet. It can even give you a place for writing notes on your hard copy printouts.

You pick one or more layout styles and they can all be generated at the same time, with or without a word index. Even the Word Index can be generated separately.

Can Format, Index and Make Searchable Rough ASCIIs and other text files

TranscriptWizard™ has a very flexible import capability. Not only can it import clean, final ASCII transcript files but it can also process roughs. It detects run on pages, even run on lines, and breaks down the text into lines and pages. This is an ideal feature for daily court transcripts or deposition roughs that you want formatted and indexed in a hurry.

This feature allows you to import any text file and turn it into an indexed and searchable PDF.

Condensed format can be in Column or Row order

While it's natural to read a condensed transcript in column order (top to bottom), this doesn't work well when trying to read the PDF on a computer screen. Trying to read a column ordered PDF can result in a lot of scrolling and frustration. Row ordered requires much less scrolling when reading on a computer screen. TranscriptWizard™ let's you choose to output either column order or row order.

Allowing you to choose the most efficient format for you.

Formatted header for quick identification of Transcript

TranscriptWizard™ searches the transcript for the witness name, examination date and volume number and formats a header for each transcript. You have the option of adding an abbreviated caption and an additional center label to allow the transcript to be more quickly identified.

Can Highlight Answers or Questions

TranscriptWizard™ can highlight either the Answers or Questions of a transcript by marking the text in bold.

Allows you to add a Watermark

During the PDF generation step, TranscripWizard™ can place a watermark on each page of the transcript. Allowing you to quickly identity draft or confidential transcripts.

Can optionally brand the transcript (for court reporters)

Registered copies of TranscriptWizard™ have the option of printing the firm's name and address in the footer of each sheet. This can helpful for firms, such as court reporters, who would like to brand their work.

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