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Sophistication meets Simplicity in TranscriptWizard™

With TranscriptWizard™ you only perform three (3) simple steps to transform your electronic ASCII transcript file into an elegantly formatted, indexed, searchable PDF document. This ease of use masks the under-the-hood sophistication that powers this unassuming program.

1. Import ASCII transcript

You click the 'Import Transcript' button, locate and select the ASCII transcript file.

TranscriptWizard™ will
  • read the file
  • paginate it
  • generate a word index
  • display it in the Preview Pane allowing you to inspect the import before generating the PDF.

2. Verify Header Information

TranscriptWizard™ automatically searches for and fills in the basic header information such as the witness name and transcript date.

You verify the information and add in additional information like an abbreviated caption and any special header label you desire.

3. Your Transcript, Your Way

You click the 'Generate PDF' button, choose the format(s) and options you want for your transcript.

Click [Generate & Save] and you're done.

TranscriptWizard™ creates as many PDF files in as many formats as you choose, automatically naming and saving them. It will even open each file in your PDF reader, if you tell it to.

TranscriptWizard™ also keeps a running list of the PDFs generated during the session for easy access.


It really is that simple.

But don't take our word for it. Download the program for FREE today and evaluate it for yourself.

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